São João 2021 in the city of Braga

The city of Braga is already decorated to receive the São João festivities, which will take place between the 18th and 24th of June. Although the decoration is available in the urban space, the commemorations, organized by the Associação de Festas de São João, in partnership with the Municipality of Braga, will be held in a hybrid format, between present and digital activities.

This fusion of technè with bios in public space was problematized by La Rocca (2018), between other authors. According to the author, inhabiting the city means producing the space in an ordinary way of daily life expanded by the presence and technological contact. In these “new” technodigital spaces, what are the new perceptions of the city by its inhabitants? How will the next São João and public events be experienced?

To see photos of the decorated city, click here.