Multiple ways to do art | Tires

“Each man is an artist”, would say Beuyes (2010). In this idea of ​​desecrating the status (of the creator) of the artwork and the consequent opening of the field to the participation of regular people, there is a whole world of different proposals. One of them, for example, was thought and elaborated in Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine: creativity during a global pandemic at Passeio’s Gallery (Pires & Pinto-Coelho, 2021).

Last week, in an article in The New York Times, the work of the American artist Chakaia Booker was brought to the light. She uses as a medium for her artworks essentially tires. Following a principle that comes close to an “aesthetics of accumulation”, the artist reveals that art is on her journey and that she has always worked with materials that are part of urban and everyday life.

Her work with tires, which can be characterized by the use of assemblage and performance, generated many lines of interpretation related to the North American industrial decline, the ecology of the rescue, the material legacies of black labor.

More photos and information available here.