Tokyo from my balcony – book

Summary: “I wanted to write this book because Japan was my most intense and different personal and professional experience. I wanted to write down a lot of what I discovered every day. At first, it was meant to be a memoir to share with friends and acquaintances, and then it was they who told me that these portraits could go further and create a greater common interest between Portuguese and Japanese readers in a story that also has a lot in common. When the challenge of going to live and work in Japan arose, my father-in-law João Ricardo (1945 -2013) said to me at the last dinner party: “Don’t forget to take notes and write down everything that you’re now going to get to know in depth, because that’s the only way we’ll gain a world.” That’s the main reason he’s reading this book at the moment, a book that talks about a destiny in the form of small portraits. Little pieces of Japanese culture and everyday life that captured me forever. In order to make this work more collectible and unique, we opted for the book to be hand-finished for the first edition only, with a spine that was sewn by thread with exposed stitching. This option not only makes it more beautiful, but also allows the book to be opened up to 180 degrees without ever damaging it. Apart from the aesthetic pleasure, this can make it easier to read and refer to when, for example, you’re traveling.




David Lopes


Avenida da Liberdade Editores