Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine: recreating works of art

Choose a famous work of art, use three items from your home, represent it in a photo and share on @tussenkunstenquarantine. These are the three steps that must be taken for the Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine project, which proposes the recreation of various works of art at home, during the Covid-19 pandemic. With more than 260 thousand followers and 584 publications, the Instagram account that had the first post in March 2020, arousing curiosity from people and museums around the world.

According to Artnet News, the Instagram account was created by a dutch woman who was bored and decided to share homemade photos recreating famous works of art. Anneloes Officier and her housemates, imprisoned at home due to the coronavirus prevention measure that requires social isolation, show in the Instagram account how everything started: a WhatsApp conversation that opened up for their criations to be shared with the world and become an invitation for other people to do the same. The project has been accepted and contains many photos.

With so many positive results, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA) took an initiative and encouraged people to recreate their works of art at home, using their resources as a source of inspiration. In the case of this museum, a hashtag created to boost the project was #mettwinning. Other museums that encourage the initiative are the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and the Lamas Museum (Santa Maria de Lamas, Portugal). According to the Club Innovation & Culture France website, other museums such as the Louvre (Paris, France), the Getty Center (Los Angeles) and The Hermitage (Saint Petersburg, Russia) are also supporting an initiative.

The Covid-19 pandemic shows that creativity and artistic manifestations are not conditioned to the knowledge of creation techniques and skills inherent of people who work with art every day. Initiatives like Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine show that there are no limits to creation. Social isolation and the need to maintain at home can cause anxiety and annoyance, but they can also provide environments for learning, creating and having fun. Bringing paintings to life with homemade objects is an option at this moment, capable of valuing visual culture and individual characteristics of anyone who wishes to participate in the challenge.




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