Todas as artes – revista

Todas as Artes (All the Arts) is an international scientific journal in digital format whose main objective is to publish works resulting from original research, theoretical elaboration or thematic assessment. Although it mainly seeks to publish texts that focus on the realities of Portuguese-speaking countries in the context of the sociology of culture and the arts, it is also open to works from other regions (especially if they reveal a comparative and analytical perspective) and from other areas of the social sciences and humanities. Todas as Artes is guided by principles of scientific quality and social relevance, seeking to ensure that all its editions make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge and its dissemination. It publishes twice a year and accepts and publishes texts in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French by authors from various countries.




Paula Guerra; Lígia Dabul.


Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto