Are we all “Os Gêmeos”?

Photographic record made by Thatiana Aquino* during the visit to the exhibition Os Gêmeos: nossos segredos [The Twins: our secrets], at the Brazil Cultural Centre, in Rio de Janeiro. The collected images try to bring a little of the restlessness as a spectator and communication researcher, not having the pretension of professional images, but the look of the experience and the register of imagination.

*Thatiana Aquino is an advertiser, Master in Educational Technology by the University of Minho and PhD student in Communication Sciences also by the same university. She has worked in advertising agencies and startups. During the pandemic, she produced the computer game Omnia, based on cognitive psychology ( Currently, she is also working on the production of two books on Education and Communication, which will be launched in Brazil.




Thatiana Aquino