São João de Braga: fios do presente na teia da memória

“The city of Braga, with modern cultural accents and Roman remnants, reveals in its calendar rites immemorial dialogues with current generations, it is renewed with the same resourcefulness with which it keeps secrets that stimulate knowledge by unveiling what is behind Bracara Augusta and its festive events In the annual tributes to São João Baptista, a Catholic saint affectionately taken by the people of Braga as “São João de Braga”, what is seen year after year is the updating of a myth absolutely open to interactions, mediations and shares with the contemporary. It is not by chance that this essay demonstrates melodic rhythms in images promoting dialogues between generations, updating traditions and weaving new symbolic dictations “.

Vista – Revista de Cultura Visual – Cultura visual, digital e mediática: imagens entre gerações (nº 4)





Luiz Tadeu Feitosa & Fábio Freitas Marques


Ana Pérez-Escoda, Maria José Brites & Inês Amaral