Ritual – Dimitris Xygalatas

Synopsis: An audacious anthropologist takes us on a journey through the complex mosaic of human rituals, showing that some of our most irrational behaviors are a crucial factor in our well-being. There are seemingly pointless ceremonies in every known society, from shaking hands to spells, from hazing to parades. Even before they learned to cultivate the soil, human beings gathered in gigantic stone temples to perform elaborate rites and ceremonies. Despite this, and although the rituals exist in all cultures and have persisted, almost unchanged, for centuries, their logic has remained a mystery – until now. Dimitris Xygalatas takes anthropological research a step further and accompanies us on a tour of a little-known area of human behavior. In birthday parties and royal coronations, in silent prayer, in walks over hot coals and in terrifying rites of passage, in all the bewildering variety of human life, Ritual reveals the deep and subtle mechanisms that bind humanity together.




Dimitris Xygalatas


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