VISTA v.1 – Politics of the Gaze, Editors: Maria da Luz Correia & Carla Cerqueira

“This is the first issue of our electronic scientific journal, founded about a year ago within the framework of the Visual Culture Working Group of the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences (SOPCOM), VISTA. VISTA has its first edition dedicated to social asymmetries conformed or defied by our scopic regimes. This first issue is a tribute to the the political motivation of visual culture studies that in the 1990s gave a new breath to the study of the image and a claim to the founding importance of critical theories of surveillance and spectacle and of studies about gender and ethnicity inequalities. VISTA  inaugural number also wants to account for the dynamic character of the processes of sharing the visible, by confronting the hegemonic imaginaries and the dominant visibilities with the alternative visions and the glances of resistance.

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Maria da Luz Correia & Carla Cerqueira


Maria da Luz Correia & Carla Cerqueira