Roots of the Park

Summary: The book Raízes do Parque (Roots of the Park) is a publication that introduces 33 of the Park’s native species, illustrated with art direction and design by Francisco Eduardo and text by Rui S. Oliveira.

“Giving expression and continuity to its mission of promoting biodiversity, particularly in its educational and scientific dimensions, Serralves Park is presenting a new publication dedicated to native trees and shrubs. The aim is to introduce some of the species that make up the Park’s generous heritage, through a beautiful individual illustration that includes details of their morphology, accompanied by a brief description of their botanical identity and location in the Park. In this way, the reader is challenged to discover the species, but is also enticed to explore knowledge. The book’s design and aesthetics sublime the beauty and harmony of a selection of species native to the flora of Portugal. The opportunity to learn a little more about the identity of trees and shrubs is also a way of taking responsibility for their care and commitment to their conservation.” Helena Freitas, Director of Serralves Park




Francisco Eduardo e Rui S. Oliveira


Fundação de Serralves