Artistic practices, participation and politics – Review

Abstract: Artistic practices, participation and politics, by Hugo Cruz, is now in its second Portuguese edition, has a Brazilian edition and recently arrived in Spain. Originally published in Portugal in May 2021 by Edições Colibri, re-released 4 months later by the same publisher, and the following year, in 2022, in Brazil by Editora Hucitec, this book that Neret Edicions is making accessible to Spanish-speaking readers in 2023 is not only the public result of scientific research that the author carried out over 4 years in Portugal and Brazil, involving non-professional artists from 23 theater groups. It is also the shared result of all the know-how and happenings of 19 years of intersections between art and civic and political participation that mark Hugo Cruz’s career: training psychologist; artistic director in various theater projects with local communities; cultural programmer in non-conventional spaces; consultant and evaluator of cultural policies; university professor; trainer in art and community workshops; and researcher, a place to which this book sends us, given that it is the publication of the author’s doctoral thesis. Read the full review by Passeio researcher Teresa Mora here.




Hugo Cruz