Ponto urbe – journal

Ponto Urbe is a free, online, multilingual, biannual academic journal organized by the Laboratory of Urban Anthropology (LAbNAU-USP) and linked to the Department of Anthropology at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Created in 2007, the journal aims to encourage the circulation of scientific knowledge in the field of Urban Anthropology in dialog with broader anthropological debates. Ponto Urbe’s editorial mission is to provide a space for the dissemination of unpublished academic production by researchers from different backgrounds, regions and institutions in Brazil and abroad. The journal has the following sections: Articles, Thematic Dossiers, Cir-kula (aimed at articles from other disciplines that dialog with Urban Anthropology), Translations (of rare or current texts, not available in Portuguese), Interviews (with leading researchers in Brazilian Anthropology) and Ethnographic (field reports, results of ongoing research).




Núcleo de Antropologia Urbana - USP