Transartes, expanded art and new languages

Aiming to contribute to a broad and transdisciplinary discussion on the transformations in the world of (urban) arts in contemporary times, given the liminal character that characterizes artistic creation, production, and perception from different points of view, Helena Pires and Zara Pinto-Coelho, coordinators of Passeio, have just published the book Transartes, expanded art and new languages.

The book, based on contributions from various academics and artists, intends to stimulate an understanding of the transformations in contemporary art, the expansion of its boundaries, and the hybridization that characterizes new languages in the field. How can contemporary art be read? What are the meanings for the new experimentalisms, the risks, the subversions, the wanderings that animate the arts — or some of the ways of (re)creating — in contemporary times?

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Helena Pires & Zara Pinto-Coelho