Advertising or the being-body of philosophy

Practices, uses, discourses and representations make up some of the dimensions of discussion and analysis of the advertising phenomenon, as diverse as they are complex. This issue of Comunicação e Sociedade magazine seeks, precisely, to make room for the plurality of approaches and the inevitable multidisciplinarity that such an area of ​​study requires. As it is an academic specialty that is still relatively young in Portugal, both in terms of teaching and research, however, advertising has lent itself, however, more recently, to frequent studies of a multiple nature: now guided by the concern with effectiveness communicative, and as such particularly interested in contributing to the development of the professional practices of the activity, now guided by the objective of simple understanding of experiences and uses, in terms of perception and interaction by citizens and consumers, or even guided studies by analyzing the advertising message, unfolding the latter perspective, both on the formal register and on the referential semantic register, which includes, among others, the linguistic approach, but also the analysis of the discourse “




Helena Pires