Pires, H. (2011). “How is (re) made the space-between: The City of Objects (Augusto Alves da Silva)”

“The semiotic exercise that we propose in this context is based on an ontological and epistemological conception of space which, to a certain extent, is close to Michel de Certeau’s notion of traversed space. The author is interested in “pedestrian enunciations”, in the practices of space that do not respect an universalising grammar. This dimension of space is the one we will try to address, and the main objective of this essay is to focus our attention on the objects that are interposed on the enunciated semiotic paths . We consider that these same paths are composed of networks of heterogeneous relations, incorporated by human and non-human actors.” Read the full essay and download it




Helena Pires


Moisés de Lemos Martins & Michel Maffesoli