Pires, H. (2007). Screams in the landscape of our interior. Outdoor advertising and the sensitive experience, in everyday life. Drifting through imaginary places. PhD thesis, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

“As Balandier (1990) says, in everyday life individuals try to fight against the social dependency creating fee spaces of resistance. By imaginary, they can be more spontaneous and escape from their daily obligations. Precisely, we can discuss the role of advertising images outdoors in this process of individual creativity. Are they just a dimension of the public space for the affirmation of the dominant system and culture? Or, are they also a kind of open window to our completely free and intimate universe? And in doing so, by inviting individuals to (re)visit their intimate sphere (emotions, memories…), aren’t they a dissimulating way of occupying one’s inner landscape? If we agree with this last hypotheses (that’s our personal point of view) we must then discuss our contemporary conditions of the individuals daily existence in what concerns its freedom in public space and its right to freely negotiate his relation to landscape.” | Read and download full thesis




Helena Pires


Universidade do Minho