The flavours of flânerie

Authored by the coordinator of Passeio, Helena Pires, “Os sabores da flânerie.Que sentido, hoje, para a “arte de perder-se”’?”, integrates the book of homage to the sociologist of the Institute of Social Sciences of UMinho and researcher of the CECS, Albertino Gonçalves. Published by Húmus, the book collects works and research by other researchers who crossed paths with Albertino Gonçalves. As can be read in the synopsis of the publication, it is about paying tribute to a person who “has a life full of people inside, whom he touched and influenced, with whom he shared experience and knowledge and who surrendered to the charm of his disarming and undisciplined way of thinking and interacting.”


Pires, H. (2022). Os sabores da flânerie. Que sentido, hoje, para a “arte de perder-se”? In R. Ribeiro, J. Costa & A. D. Matos (Orgs.). Sociologia indisciplinada. Homenagem a Albertino Gonçalves. Húmus.





Helena Pires