The Sign and the Landscape. N2 – book

In 2021, Augusto Lemos and Conceição Magalhães cycled the 739 kilometres that cross the country between Chaves and Faro. Photographers, both, recorded the journey. While Augusto Lemos took care of the landscapes along the way (the landscape), Conceição Magalhães photographed the road marks (the signs). Not all the landscapes and not all the signs, which would result in work not being very convenient for a photographic publication, given the extension of the territory and the landmarks that mark it. “Since the road was mythical, the photographers chose to introduce another mythical element, they chose landmarks that showed the number of kilometres in palindrome, numbers that, as we have learned, bring luck to those who find them”, as Maria do Carmo Serén refers in her opening text to the book.

Source: Lamego Museum




Augusto Lemos; Conceição Magalhães


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