The process of photography-wandering in the apprehension of urban ambiences and the creation of emotional cities

New article by Marília Farias and Julieta Leite, just published in Sociétés magazine. Abstract:

This article aims at demonstrating, from the process of a sensitive and creative photographic wandering, the elaboration of Logbooks, and photographic montages, a way to reveal the ambiences that participate in the subjective elaboration of the city for its citizens. The objective is to present a proposal of field research practices that participate in a creative process in the elaboration of urban spaces. These studies take place in the neighbourhood of Santo Antônio, the historical centre of the city of Recife, Brazil. As its main theoretical contribution, there are the studies about ambiences, by Thibaud and Augoyard, as well as Didi-Huberman’s work about the montages of Aby Warburg. The article explains the stages of the processes that have been developed, observing mainly the processes of photographic montages, and how they contribute to apprehend and think the ambiences in the neighbourhood of Santo Antonio.




Marília Farias; Julieta Leite