Edgar Pêra’s new toy or the restlessness of the cinema of ideas

Abstract: Interview conducted by the author Teresa Lima, with the proposal of “a journey through words that, by being said, construct meanings and through images that fabricate utopias. The pretext is the new film project by director Edgar Pêra, entitled Telepathic Letters.” Delving into the dialogical fabric of art, literature, and philosophy, the discussion covers processes of adaptation for cinema, the role of Artificial Intelligence in creation, what it means to be a cosmic spectator, as were Fernando Pessoa and H. P. Lovecraft, whom Pêra (the telepathic channel) brings into communication in this film. The researcher presents, in these explorations, the production methods of an artist, whose discourse is formulated in unrepeatable moments of interviews, with specific conditions of existence. Therefore, this communicative process in the form of conversations assumes an autoethnographic character (Ellis & Bochner, 2006). Access here.




Teresa Lima