Instagram as a space for building imagined cities: a bridge Rio de Janeiro – Lisbon

“In addition to revealing which places, colors and framings are most used to depict photographically the cities’ imaginary, the analysis reveal particularities related to the local culture of using the Instagram application. The results present relevant aspects of the urban imaginary representation in Instagram, which include: 1) thematic clusters related to the hashtags used to classify the photographs; 2) photographic categories most used according to the themes; 3) chromatic patterns of cities, which reveal visual and light aspects as represented on the platform, and 4) temporal flows and cultural traits of the use of Instagram. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study in large proportion of urban imaginary from using Instagram representation as source”.

Doctoral Thesis – Doctoral Program in Communication Studies: Technology, Culture and Society, in association with the following universities: University of Minho, ISCTE- University Institute of Lisbon, University of Beira Interior and Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies.





Bruna Angélica Pelicioli Riboldi | Orientadores: Albertino Gonçalves e Erick Felinto