Notas do Quotidiano 2 – Passagens na vida urbana

Notas do Quotidiano 2 – Passagens na vida urbana arises from the desire to materialize part of the work already produced, presenting it in a kind of mosaic of small fragments of a journey that we started in October 2017 and that, for the purpose of this work, ended in February 2021. We give the readers the possibility of accompanying us in the various itineraries and stops of this journey that Passeio made collectively. You can stop and enjoy what we have to offer on Architecture, urban planning and decorative arts, Urban art, city and everyday life, Commerce and crafts, Sports and hobbies, Entertainment and performing arts, Outdoor advertising, and, in the Itineratures, about Coffee shops and everyday life, Ruins and Industry, Death and the Passage, as well as about urban experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic in the section From the square to the balcony. Passeio thus presents itself as a place of passage, both in the way it collects and weaves together notes on ordinary urban daily life, and in the way it offers them to its readers. Passages in the city, the title we have chosen to designate the second volume of the collection Notes on Everyday Life in Passeio, gives an account of this our eagerness to put in common. You can access the book here.





Pires, Helena; Pinto-Coelho, Zara