Nilo, cadernos de viagem

Abstract: “The Nile (of which Hapi was their god) was the beginning and the end. They bathed in it at birth and – if they had the resources – sailed down it when dead, to Abydos, the central place of the cult of Osiris (the god of death), and where many of the first pharaohs were buried. Today, although the spiritual relationship with the river has been broken, the Egyptians know that their existence continues to depend on the Nile. The day was drawing to a close when we went up to the terrace of a bar near the anchorage. I liked that position of spectator: without being noticed; without being able to influence even a smile. I watched the people passing by, the backgammon players on the terraces, the crowds getting off the ferry, the believers kneeling in the garden for the sunset prayer. The view stretched as far as the other shore. A skyline of minarets, obelisks, temple columns and imposing domes of Coptic churches in apparent defiance.”




Mateus Brandão