Nenhuma vida importa até as vidas negras importarem

Catarina de Sousa was present at the peaceful demonstrations in Brooklyn and recorded voices and faces of the protest, which ended with a collective symbolic representation of what happened to George Floyd.

“The United States has been out on the street for a week to protest the death of George Floyd, asphyxiated by the knee of policeman Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis. Portuguese filmmaker and producer Catarina de Sousa, living in New York, was present at the peaceful demonstrations and recorded the voices and faces of those who marched against racism and police violence.

The thousands of people who marched through the streets of Brooklyn were also joined by gestures and voices from the windows, balconies and entrances to the buildings where the protest was passing, which ended with most of the people lying on the floor screaming for George Floyd’s name and the words he spoke in the minutes he was being suffocated”.

The protests against the death of George Floyd by the camera of the portuguese director Catarina de Souza.




Catarina de Sousa