Nature Experiences | From the Mountains to the Sea

“Nature Experiences – From the Mountains to the Sea” is a small sample of the experiences that can be lived in a visit to the nature of Minho, from mountain activities, such as hiking, climbing or canyoning, to river activities, such as rafting, canoeing or boat trips, ending in the sea with surfing, diving and other water sports, where horseback riding on the immense sandy beaches of Minho is also a must.

The film won three first prizes at the International Tourist Film Festival, ART & TUR, including best international film in the category of “Outdoor Activities” and best national film in two categories – “Expeditions and Travel” and “Sport and outdoor activities”.

In a co-production with ADERE Peneda Gerês, the film “Nature Experiences – from the Mountains to the Sea” was directed by Martin Dale. The technical team involved in the production also included João Braga, Os Fredericos – The Movie Makers, and support from the Esposendense Forum for underwater images.




Martin Dale