Poets’ wall

Mural dos Poetas (Poets’ wall) is an artistic intervention by Massimo Esposito, located on National Road 3 in Constância, on the wall in front of the Alexandre O’Neill Municipal Library, with the aim of paying homage to three of the great poets who, among others, have passed through the municipality: Luís de Camões, Vasco de Lima Couto and Alexandre O’Neill.

This artistic intervention, the responsibility of the municipality of Constância, through the Alexandre O’Neill Municipal Library and in partnership with the Constância School Group, aims to dignify the cultural space where the Municipal Library is located and where the focus is on books and reading, while at the same time highlighting Constância’s brand, Vila Poema.

The author of this project, Massimo Esposito, and the 10th grade students from the Luís de Camões Primary and Secondary School, who supported the artist in this work, took around 70 hours to paint the mural, using more than 80 liters of water-based acrylic paint, painted with a brush and 3D spray on a wall that measures around 53 meters in length and 3 meters in height. The work began on June 1 and ended on July 15, 2017.




Município de Constância