Festa e cidade: poéticas entrecruzadas

The article Festa e cidade: poéticas entrecruzadas  (Party and city: intercrossed poetics), written by Frederico Luiz Moreira “seeks, in experimentation and sensitive exploration, to bring together and in the spaces of the city through wanderings carried out by the historical center of Sabará, in Minas Gerais, during the making and destruction of sawdust carpets, at the Catholic celebration of Corpus Christi. It aims to establish correlations between the party and the city as a possible scenario to perceive the poetics presented in their intersections. Through the polyphony of the feast, an ethnographic investigation was designed, through the gaze and bodily experiences on the porosity in the layers of experiences that overlap before the times and places of the city. Thus, it is questioned in what way are the parties capable of outlining beyond the looks that surround the streets through the dynamics, memories and silences. It seeks to make visible the way the subjects elaborate and appropriate the parties and streets, in the intention of understanding elements able of helping the learning of local cultures and the uses of cities”.

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Frederico Luiz Moreira


Ponto Urbe