Everyday Mobility in an Urban Context of Uncertainty: Times of Resistance in Braga’s Public Market

At a time when all public access spaces in the city were closed, including cafes, the Public Market of Braga remained an open space, albeit with strict entrance control rules. The authors thus advance with the hypothesis that the PM was fundamental to guarantee the routine mobility of Braga’s citizens, especially the most disadvantaged and, with that, to ensure their sense of hope and confidence in the future. Likewise, the PM is a place of resistance also from the perspective of sellers, on the one hand, maintaining its economic survival, albeit with visible difficulties, and on the other hand, ensuring the maintenance of a vital communication space. To reflect on the specific ways in which this phenomenon has occurred since January 2021 is the main objective of this chapter.




Helena Pires; Zara Pinto-Coelho


IGI Global