Minus 3: the rehabilitation of vacant spaces through urban culture

Abstract: The project developed shows how the designer, through his means and processes, can produce something for the community, playing a fundamental role in urban visual culture. Therefore, the intention of this project is to valorize the space in disuse, through which urban culture and urban art Almada, have the ability to express themselves. Qualitative Research was the methodology chosen with a focus on Documentary Analysis, where subjects of visual culture, Branding, urban culture, social rehabilitation, and the concept of the city were approached. However, since this research work has an intrinsic pragmatic component, we have also analyzed success cases with themes mentioned in the previous paragraph. In this sense, the project Menos 3 was developed, with an urban and young language, using elements present in the daily life of the community. This site focused on urban art, with the opportunity to develop a network where the community could share their experiences and work. The project had a concern to unite urban art with the rehabilitation of spaces in decay.




Raquel Marques