Martins, M.L. & Pinto-Coelho, Z. (2017).Flows and paths in visual culture

“This is a veritable change of status of the images that begin to be considered in a scientific way, with an evolution of their role, where the eye represents an active explora­tion of a universe that is there to be seen. We assist, in this way, to an important variation about the essence of the images: precisely we can refer to Gottfried Boehm’s the “iconic turn” or to a “pictorial turn” as described by William Thomas Mitchell (1994), character­ized by a new centrality of images, visibility and vision in different areas of human and social sciences. Naturally, this means giving a special attention to a dimension of knowl­edge incarnated in the power of images with the ability they have to open the mind to multiples aspects of our world and to discovery different fragments of reality”. The visual mutation of the social world – Fabio La Rocca

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Moisés de Lemos Martins & Zara Pinto-Coelho