MARTINS, M.L., Miranda, J.B., Oliveira, M. & Godinho, J. (Eds). (2018). Image and Thought.

“Apparently the image has surpassed the thought, no longer needing it. This is a paradoxical result, if we notice that Western philosophy, for example of Plato, begins precisely in a conflict with the images. This conflict is resolved through the ideas. Eternal, a procedure that opens the way to the ‘concept’, that digital technique is the culmination. At the final moment of this process, the relationship between image, word and text became practically a puzzle, and our purpose in this plural essay is written to many hands, interrogate, debate and clarify as much as possible.” | More Information




Moisés de Lemos Martins, José Bragança de Miranda, Madalena Oliveira e Jacinto Godinho (Eds.)