Martins, M. L. (2017). The postcards illustrated in the life of the community. Braga: CECS

The postcards illustrated in the life of the community is a work that is part of the research project “Illustrated postcards: for a socio-semiotic image and imaginary” (PTDC / CCI / 72770/2006), a project funded by the Science and Technology, of which is responsible researcher Moisés de Lemos Martins. This publication, now edited, illustrates part of the work developed over the years, as well as the established research networks and the dynamics consolidated by the project within society. This collection of texts explores the relationship between the postcard illustrated with the human communities, collectors, librarians, artists, cybernauts, researchers, and simple users, grouped around this popular means of communication. context, to the contemporary visual landscape and social environment. Structuring itself in three thematic groups – “Time and narrative in the picture postcard”; “Illustrated Postcard Techniques and Aesthetics”; and “From the uses of the postcard to the archive” – ​​The postcards illustrated in the life of the community show the real impact of this means of communication in the daily lives of the populations. By questioning their origins, artistic influences, diffusion strategies, collection and archiving, as well as their imagery and representations, the present essay not only makes the archeology of the growing importance of the image in contemporaneity, but, on the other hand, accentuates the fragmentary character of the existent, that is, what he has as transitory, fleeting and contingent. | More information




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Moisés de Lemos Martins (Ed.)