Martins, M.L.(2003). The power of images and the images of power

“It is a fact that the technological device of television connects and disconnects us from the world and from others. Simply, both this connection and this disconnection are an effect on us of the functioning of the machine. It connects us by the action of heating emotional and disconnects us by the opposite action of a cooling down. The image of technological production comforts us in a trap of emotions. But the result is that a city living anesthetized, without “any kind of commitment to the time and ideas that motivate her” (Benjamin, 1993: 490), and wallow, hopelessly, in a daily life where no one seems willing to risk their skin.

I have been accentuating the power of technological imaging devices: they aesthetically equip us, reorganizing our experience around our subjectivity and emotionality, they shape an artificial sensitivity in us, a sensitivity that I said to be pulled by the handle, since these technological devices work in us as prostheses for the production of emotions, as models that produce and manage affections “.

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Moisés de Lemos Martins


Instituto São Tomás de Aquino