Novas questões de sociologia urbana: conteúdos e orientações pedagógicas. Porto: Edições Afrontamento.

The book New issues of urban sociology: contents and pedagogical guidelines, written by sociologist and professor João Teixeira Lopes, seeks to problematize and discuss the city and the urban as concepts that can be worked on in the daily lives of Universities. After all, in his words, “the urban is today the point and bridge of contact with the logic of production and reproduction of societies” (2002, p. 20).

The author, quoting sociologist José Madureira Pinto, says that “the daily life of the institution (University) presents (…) the same lack of creativity and innovative sense that, two decades ago, had justified the call for rupture” (2002, p. 13).

Proposing a renovation about the city-university, the sociologist divides his book into:

  1. Speech about an absence;

At this point the author proposes a new discipline (Questions of Urban Sociology) that fills this gap.

  1. Initial considerations about the discipline, its objectives, program and bibliography;
  2. Proposal for the development of the main contents;
  3. Conclusion: a sociological look at the city’s builders.




João Teixeira Lopes