Lisboa Gráfica – book


There is an art that, although visible, remains hidden by the routine of looking and the rush of everyday life. To show it was the task I set myself. This work calls attention to the immense graphic heritage of Lisbon, an ignored aspect of its personality. By collecting images of the city’s graphics in a book, I highlight elements forgotten by the official culture and pay homage to a group of artisans who, with pencil, brush, and chisel, have drawn, painted, engraved, and framed, with beautiful effects, facades, doors, doorways, doorposts, and flags, enriching the capital. I try to show unique sets and versions whose supports are either no longer used or rarely used, in works of greater scope and concern: painted glass, stonework, bas-reliefs, tiles, wrought iron, good carpentry, cut and welded brass, in short, a whole range of materials whose richness of handling and perfection of finishing cause us to admire. Creative forms, sensible scales, harmonies between figures and texts, balance in the choice of types and bodies, spacing, and sometimes the combination of opposing materials, not only enhance the spaces but also enrich communication. It is an act of discovery and surrender for all those who always find it possible to find in the beloved city a new glow, another affective singularity.




Manuel Paula