Lightning (from) the backstage: Lisbon Triennale / Venice Biennale – interactions generated by Communication in the mediation of architectural exhibition events

“The new focuses of cultural action are becoming increasingly moving and intermittent, generating Exhibition Events. In addition to the model of World Exhibitions, there have been proliferating, since the last quarter of the 20th century, and especially in the last fifteen years, Biennials and Triennials dedicated to the exhibition of Art, Architecture, Design and other modalities, in the Expository Events of Architecture, due to the specificity of the object in focus, a differentiating approach is assumed in relation to other cultural areas, which is reconciled with the experimentation and continuous transformation that characterizes these periodic exhibitions and that allows physical and conceptual guidance on what is intended as the focus of the debate at a given moment. And it is ‘Communication’, similar to ‘Light’, which appears as a ‘Mediation’ filter, from the backstage, coordinating, along with curatorial strategies, the scenarios that are the stage for the cultural action of the Events and between Events. o case studies at the Lisbon Triennale and the Venice Biennale, an attempt will be made to clarify the way in which Communication generates synergies, through a comparative analysis of facts, seeking to understand the way in which they relate and enhance multiple ‘procedural interactions ‘, in an interpretation complemented with the results of testimonies by agents mediating these processes”.





Ana Vilar, Helena Pires & João Rosmaninho