Gallery Sign

Summary: A collection of signs with more than 400 pieces from old commercial establishments, some dating back almost a century, mostly from Lisbon, with the aim of preserving the memory and history of “letters, words, but also people in cities”. The project, conceived by graphic designers Rita Múrias and Paulo Barata, is the largest collection of signs in Portugal, gathered in one of the warehouses of the Oeiras Foundry, with pieces also originating from Algés, Almada, Coimbra and Porto. According to Paulo, “the project serves to re-establish memory and eternalize an element of public space that often survives several generations”. For more information, click here. In Braga, a similar initiative is proposed by “Letras de Braga” which, in partnership with Passeio as part of the CECS Visual Culture Seminar, carried out a tour of urban typography on April 18, 2023.

Sources: RTP Notícias




Rita Múrias; Paulo Barata