Les Cahiers Européens de l’Imaginaire nº 8, march 2016 | The Street

“While this issue of Les Cahiers was being drafted, on November 13, 2015 the news came tragically to illustrate the intuition at the origin of the choice of this theme: the street is what founds, animates and shelters the contemporary being-together. It is not only the crucible in which artists and advertisers, thinkers and poets, musicians and stylists draw: it is the privileged scene of everyday life, the beating heart of our societies. Who are among the passers-by, the flâneurs, the dandies, the street artists, the rappers, the tramps and all the figures of the ordinary and the extravagance, who are the new protagonists of this street at the same time material and intangible, sensitive and dreamlike, physical and electronic? Which moods make them the cause and the effect? What living together do they announce birth?” | More Information




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