The space of architecture and urbanism: a sensitive component in understanding the social relations of postmodernity

Whatever the reactions that inspired the use of the term “postmodern”, we find in the architecture and urbanism of the late 1960s a clear use of the term to designate a series of new aesthetic proposals in a critical opposition to the modern movement. .
However, the meaning of postmodernity finds different meanings and its definition by the simple opposition to the paradigms of modernism is quite controversial, especially in the social sciences.
The intention of this article is to propose a reflection that combines these two fields of reflection. We start from a review of the thinking and practices of architecture and urbanism as a way of understanding contemporary society, where a sensitive appreciation of the spatial component is identified.

Keywords: Urban space, architecture, modernity, postmodernity, information and communication technologies.

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Julieta Leite


Albertino Gonçalves & Jean-Martin Rabot