Cans in the city

“This is an activity that develops from the spontaneous relationship of the community with its territory, with the distribution throughout the city of cans that were transformed into pinhole cameras, in which the label reads: “I am not a can! I’m a photographic camera. Use-me!” and simple instructions of use. The activity’s objective is to promote pinhole photography and its meaning as an artistic practice within contemporary society. (…) The goal is to create a collective work on a city scale, that resonates the way participants see photography and how photography can relate to territory – from the resident’s point of view, that reflects on its familiar places and habits, and also the visitor’s point of view, who will work around unknown places and customs. Besides Lisbon, where it was born back in April 2012, Cans In The City project has been developed in Amarante, Barreiro (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016), Coimbra, Setúbal, Águeda, Parede, Estoril (Greenfest), Arruda dos Vinhos and Vienna (Austria)”. | More information




Magda Fernandes e José Domingos


Imagerie – Casa de Imagens