Inscriptions on the surfaces of the city: education and subjectivity through images

This dissertation presents as a research theme a look at the modes of subjectivation of subjects that produce and are produced by ephemeral images on the surfaces of the city. Strategically, the reading of this research is traversed by the subjectivation and desubjectivation modes of the author herself and her relationship with the city where she lives. Through narratives that show her experiences and her concerns, she continues to problematize the meaning and belonging of urban images, such as those that survive in landscapes and that part of the social subjects do not recognize them. Starting from accumulations of marks and inscriptions that inhabit urban architecture, rendered “invisible” to its inhabitants, the work explores art and education as fields of reflection and amplification of the gestures left by the bodies. Among these brands the following notions about graffiti and graffiti on the mode of occupation and interaction with the city are investigated. By a post-structuralist bias, this research does not aim at a precise result on the concepts that approach these two urban manifestations, on the contrary, it is prepared to widen looks and voices, in the sense of problematizing our processes of subjectivation and our relations together Them. However, the theoretical-methodological paths present in this research are those that approach the discussions about experience, identity and difference, modes of subjectivation and visual culture. The locus of research goes through a tangled path between schools, nightclubs, workshops.




Bruna Tostes de Oliveira