Im@go | The Imaginaries of Nature and its Effects on Reality

The articles “The urgency of recovering contemplation. New Media Art and the transformation of nature into landscape” by researcher and Passeio’s coordinator, Helena Pires, and “La metropoli ecosofica: atmosfere, percezioni, narrazioni” by Fabio La Rocca, sociologist and Passeio’s collaborator, are available at the 15th edition of Im@go Journal.

Helena Pires, inspired by the exhibition Past Future by Adam Basanta, develops an article in which she intends to “investigate how the landscape genre, remedied by the new media art, challenges us to reframe both nature and landscape ideas, in contemporary times”. Thus, her article aims to discuss “the role of new technologies as a medium that can help us to recover the exercise of contemplation and to transform «nature» into «landscape» as an action of seeing and thinking”.

Fábio La Rocca, on the other hand, dedicates his article to theorizing about the ecosophycal metropolis as a “proposition to build a perspective of a narration of our time, our contemporary lived experience in relation with the imaginary of the urban environment where we can see a hybrid dialectic in order to notice a reciprocity between nature, urbanities, technics that influence the architectural conceptions and the life styles. This is a new aesthetical paradigm that we must understand like a dynamic of social and cultural life and also like an organic mutation of the urban and social body”.

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Helena Pires / Fabio La Rocca


Antonio Camorrino / Pier Luca Marzo