Guerrilla Girls: The Art of Behaving Badly

In Guerrilla Girls: The Art Of Behaving Badly, the reader is confronted with more than 200 images and overwhelming discrimination statistics about the presence of women in art.

The book was written by the Guerrilla Girls, a group created in 1985, with the aim of fighting against sexism and inequality in the art. Its activities involve the use of public space as a way of expression their ideas. The tools used by the collective include the creation of posters, outdoors, protests, among others, all them invested with a feminist message for social change.

The researcher and coordinator of the project, Zara Pinto-Coelho, in an essay for Passeio’s Gallery, says that “the itineraries of the activist protest poster and the activist artistic poster (more and more indistinct) between the streets and studios, museums, artistic centers, libraries, art books and curatorial activism, are well known (Message, 2014), since the convergence process between art and politics has been underway for over a century and continues to evolve (Reed, 2016)”.

In an interview with The Guardian, the founders of the collective refer that the main idea is to show that the art world is under constant observation and scrutiny. What usually happens inside the galleries and museums will be put on the agenda by the group on the streets.




Guerrilla Girls


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