City Life

The book City Life, written by Adrian Franklin, sociologist, aims to reflect about the “fluid complexity of the city as a living space, an environment and a posthumanist space of transformation.

Cities are more important as cultural entities than their mere function as dormitories and industrial sites. Yet, the understanding of what makes a city ‘alive’ and appealing in cultural terms is still hotly contested – why are some cities so much more interesting, popular and successful than others?

In this discussion of ‘city life’, the author takes the reader on a tour of contemporary western cities exploring their historical development and arguing that it is the transformative, ritual and performative qualities of successful cities that makes a difference.

Here is a new urban culture characterized by ecological frames of reference; tracking the making of contemporary city life from traditional times, through early modern, machinic and modernised stages of development. Adopting dynamic narrative structures and stories to develop its critical position this book creates a synthesis of city life from its key components of leisure and tourism, recreation and play, arts and culture, nature and environment, and architecture and public space”.

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Adrian Franklin