Domingues, A. (2009). Street of the Road. Porto: Dafne Editora

“‘Street of the Road’ is a concept that emerges on the debris of the double loss of the “city” and the “countryside” and the conventional opposition between “urban” and “rural”. (…) The urban is an “outside” unconfined and unstable, as opposed to the image of the walled city. Rua da Estrada is the perfect image of this metamorphosis. More than a place, ‘Street of the Road’ emerges as a result of the relationship, of the movement. The intense flow that runs through it is its best asset and its own justification. Without flow there is no exchange nor relationship, which is the primordial genesis of the old city. Someone explaining the seduction game that he played in order to make his business visible to people on the road would tell me: ‘The most difficult is to make them stop'” More Information




Álvaro Domingues