Chronicle with Tridente | 2017 | Diogo Dubiela

“We present a visual ethnographic chronicle about intervention and urban art. This research was based on a street ethnography developed by the team of the Núcleo de Antropologia Visual (PPGAS, IFCH, UFRGS) in May 2017, in the city of Porto Alegre / RS – Brazil. The chronicle privileges the dialogue with the visual artist Tridente, our mediator to learn the practices and meanings of the artistic intervention in the Cidade Baixa neighborhood. Guiding a collective walk, the artist gives us to see numerous inscriptions on the facades and walls of the city. It reveals to us a city in colors and shades, and uncovers layers of memory.”. | More information

title in English: Chronicle whit Tridente | release date: 2017 | run time: 4 min | country: Brasil | director: Diogo Dubiela | production: NAVISUAL – PPGAS – UFRGS




Diogo Dubiela


Cornelia Eckert