Pires, H. & Correia, M. L. (2018). Between narratives and between tours: an approach to the ethnography of the interval

“In the urban art and culture platform Passeio, the research project framing this paper, we assume the role of the walking-by researcher, being especially attentive to the street life and the intersection between the di erent morphological-spatial scales, both real and imaginary. Inspired by Walter Benjamin’s approach, we try to be sensitive to the encounters between the far and the near, the global and the local, the culture and the detail of signs and objects, such as architecture, outdoors, everyday experiences, casual talks, and the life histories of the inhabitant or the anonymous traveller, which circulate around the city. Within this framework, and following a methodological path inspired by ethnography, we will present of two of these stories: it is the life story of a street musician, who the Passeio research team has met, in Braga, in April of 2017; and the life story of Mário Roberto Carvalho, a gallerist, photographer and caricaturist, who was interviewed in Ponta Delgada in August 2017.”

Pires, H. & Correia, M. L. (2018). Entre narrativas e entre passeios: uma aproximação à etnografia do intervalo. In: J. Teixeira (Ed.), Espaços, Culturas Urbanas e Contemporaneidade (pp.135-158.). V. N. de Famalicão: Centro de Estudos Lusíadas da Universidade do Minho/ Húmus.

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Helena Pires & Maria da Luz Correia


José Teixeira