Correia, M. L. (2015). Futurography: imaginary cities in photomontage. In L. Leitão, & J. Leite, J.(Eds.), Discutindo o Imaginário (pp. 169-192). Recife: Editora UFPE

At a time when the buildings grew in height, the crowds thickened, the traffic increased, closing the sky and covering the horizon, picture postcards with photographic montages of cities of the future made up, at the beginning of the 20th century, an atlas of sights and an album of projections of a sort of “Futurland”, that had so much of dreamlike as of ironic. The work of the German philosopher Walter Benjamin about the city, photography and cinema will be the guiding principle of this article, which proposes to analyse a set of illustrated postcards that, under the auspices of the transport revolution and the vision revolution, imagines the cities of tomorrow, bringing to the domestic space the shows that were previously reserved for public space”.| Mais informações




Maria da Luz Correia


Lúcia Leitão e Julieta Leite