Corrêa, O. A. S. (2020). Migration and Marseille: a relation between the sea and the urban

“Europe is currently the center of the debates about post-colonial migration, that engender a rescue of the past and the construction of an urban and economic imaginary. In France, the notoriety of the cosmopolitism is always present in Paris and in many other cities, such as Marseille, where the marginal relation between the urban space construction dialogues with the movements among people and merchandises since the Neolithic. Hence, this article aims to bring a theoretical articulation between two elements which have built an ethnography carried out in southern France: migration as a heuristic element of Anthropology, and the city of Marseille as the source of exchanges between different cultures. Based on a debate between Abdelmalek Sayad, Pierre Bourdieu and Michel Agier, this article is presented as a bibliographic and empirical articulation of Indian migration in the contemporary construction of Marseille”.

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Otávio Amaral da Silva Corrêa


Ponto Urbe