Conceptual Figures of Fragmentation and Reconfiguration

The book Conceptual Figures of Fragmentation and Reconfiguration is composed by a collection of communications presented, between January and June 2019, by the project “Fragmentation and Reconfiguration: experiencing the city between art and philosophy” (IFILNOVA).

This volume “strives to reassess the relationship between fragmentation and reconfiguration, the contemporary relevance of which can be appreciated by focusing on the experience of the city, in particular the aesthetic experience of the city”.

The nine chapters, arranged below, focus on specific conceptual figures, anchored in the following philosophical authors: Goethe, Benjamin, Wittgenstein, Foucault, Deleuze, Joyce, Proust and Perec.

  • Catastrophe – Gianfranco Ferraro;
  • Ruins – Maria Filomena Molder;
  • Chaosmopolitanism – Bartholomew Ryan;
  • Morphogenesis – Maurizio Gribaudi;
  • Atlas – Nélio Conceição;
  • Archive – João Duarte;
  • Collection – Maria João Gamito;
  • Panoramic Presentation – Alexandra Dias Fortes;
  • Aesthetic Experience – Nuno Fonseca.